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Artist Statement

I was made to make. It is through making that I am coming to know myself - art as autobiographical, memoir and to-do list combined. My work currently spans the areas of issues of masculinity, history as place, father/(used to be daughter)son, grief, trauma in the body, and Trans* desirability.

I find myself painting the same thing multiple times - on different canvases or on the same one. I am finding repetition a useful methodology for discovery and self examination. Currently, I find the layering of many media on the canvas as a way to physically build or manifest the layered meaning compelling - though I am partial to the layering of oils over watercolor paint.

My work has evolved rapidly over the last 6 months in particular. For quite a long time I was just working with watercolor and occasionally ink. I have now begun making pieces that combine acrylic, watercolor, oil paint, graphite and oil bars.

At the present moment there are two main projects that my work falls into:

  • From the Negatives: Looking Where You have been to make sense of where I am

    • A collection of paintings based on my late father’s photographs

  • Masculinity and/(in?) the body -

    • A series that aims to look at Trans* bodies - particularly my own - in ways that are rarely described as possible let alone portrayed

About Bryan

A 90's baby, Bryan was born in Philadelphia, and has been making art ever since. He received his Bachelors of Architecture from Syracuse University in 2013, and his Masters in Education in 2015, also from Syracuse University. After working for a time in Higher Education in New England, he currently resides again outside of Philadelphia, with his family and dogs, Zelda and Maddie. 

Bryan is a member of:  American Watercolor Society, Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, Philadelphia Watercolor Society, American Artist Professional League, Allied Artist of America, and The New Hope Artist League


  • 2018, New Hope Artist League Annual Show

  • 2018, 'Cityscapes', Light Space and Time Online Gallery, www.lightspacetime.art

    • 10th Place Overall, 5th Place Painting - DC Capital Dome

    • Special Merit Mention - Philly Row Home

  • 2018, 'All Painting', Contemporary Art Gallery Online, www.contemporaryartgalleryonline.gallery

  • 2017, 'Juried Watercolor Exhibition: Traditional to Modern', Monmouth Museum, Lincroft NJ

  • 2015, Masters of Education, Syracuse University, Syracuse NY

  • 2013, Bachelor's of Architecture, Syracuse University, Syracuse NY