Step 1

Get in Touch

The first step would be to send me an email or DM through IG. Please include the following information:

  • Media : Watercolor, oils, or dry media (graphite, conte, pastel)

  • Size:

  • Any particular time requirement? Would you like me to get it framed?

  • Include any relevant imagery to the commission

OR Just…

With that here is a general rule of thumb for pricing:

  • Just black and white - Ink or pen drawing : $2 a square inch

  • Watercolor and ink - $2.50 a square inch

  • Oil Painting: 3$ a square inch

If you would like the work to include a poem - please let me know the feeling or sentiment you would like to convey.

Step 2

You’ll hear from me

I will use the information you provided to fill out an estimate sheet, and what I would consider a relevant time frame

Step 3

After agreeing on the estimate sheet, We’ll sign a commission contract, and I’ll begin painting as soon as 1/2 the total cost is sent as a non-refundable deposit. I send frequent updates as the project proceeds.

Before sending you the final product the remaining 1/2 of the cost is due. Once paid in full, I pack and ship the work to you in a secure and well protected manner.