Illustrated Poetry

I have been writing poetry for as long as I have been painting.

Recently I’ve been collaging my images with found text, - cut from poetry catalogues, old gender theory books, and great reads found at the bottom of the $1` book bin.

I hope at some point to assemble it into a collaged sort of novel …. well auto biography… we’ll see - I’ll let the poems tell me

2019-03-31 10.08.23.jpg
2019-04-09 07.12.47-1.jpg
2019-04-10 08.46.51-1.jpg
2019-04-08 07.22.04-1.jpg
2019-03-27 21.47.10.jpg

Feature 1

2019-03-27 21.46.38.jpg
2019-03-27 21.46.23.jpg
2019-03-27 21.46.10.jpg
2019-03-27 21.45.48.jpg

Feature 3

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