April/May 2018 Update

Oh goodness, so I meant to start regularly updating this section of this site in January, but well, life. Anyway, lots happening at the moment, I just wrapped up a show in New Hope PA as part of the New Hope Artist League. And now I'm working on a bunch of pieces - 13 in total - for the upcoming annual show application season. 

These are the shows that I'm currently planning on applying to: Long Beach Works on Paper, PA WCS Annual Show, National WCS Annual Show, Allied Artist of America Annual Show, WC West Annual, Philadelphia Works on Paper Annual Show. The first deadline is May 5th, and the last is July 15.

So if I end up applying to all those I'll have hit my goal of 2018 of applying to 15 shows. I don't think I'll apply to so many next year, maybe just the annuals of the organisations that I belong to. Though I really want to apply to Rittenhouse next year.

With that though, I do have some other things in the works, commissions, guest writing on a art blog, etc. I also have a couple of drafts ready for this that I'll be publishing over the next few months, stuff like info on the supplies I use and all that jazz. 

Anyway I've got lots of painting to get to, so so long for now!