Masculinity and/(in?) the Body


the Desirability in/of trans/gnc/nb bodies

I have not yet come to a conclusion on which title is more appropriate for this on going project. I imagine their being a variety of kinds of bodies, but in general the two central questions I am to ask with this body of work

  1. Desireability - What does it mean to make images of trans/gnc folks and not center : Death // Trauma // Medical Processes

    What does it mean instead to center in our representation : Body positivity // desirability // Being Unapologetically In our Bodies

  2. Intimacy in Masculinity - I want to center softness, and tenderness - something never asked of a masculine image.

The following paintings are an on going series connected to one’s own body - in this case Bryan’s related to his.

As a transmasculine millennial on a quest for some self healing - Bryan stages his own body in ways that reflect modern depictions of masculinity but also his trans-ness. Some reaching as far as to portray a Trans Body in a Renaissance fashion.

Chest Scars

The First in the series. More to come as it’s made.

Began Nov 9th, 2018

WORK IN PROGRESS - Layer 1 of oils.

WORK IN PROGRESS - Layer 1 of oils.

WORK in Progress - Second Layer of Oils

WORK in Progress - Second Layer of Oils


Assorted Small works // Sketches