Draw A Card

In 2015, I had my cards read, the rest they say is history. No not really, after having my cards read, I’ve considered myself a student of the Tarot, I began a note book not long after that reading in which I began to compile my own meanings from the various sources I was reading. Over time that’s evolved into an in-depth guide book for myself.

The truth is though I’m a visual learner, so naturally as an artist I decided to “draw” my own cards.

And now, here we are in 2019 and I have a whole deck completely designed.

You can follow my instagram to see the cards as they go live, each card is then added to the Etsy shop. When we hit suit #4 I’ll start making some noise about a kickstarter possibility.

2019-05-16 12.54.50.jpg

If you would like a “Draw a Card” Reading:

You can choose between a 1, 3 or 5 card reading

Turn around time is roughly 7-10 days until mailed.

You will receive a hand drawn illustration of the cards that were pulled for the reading. An explanation of each individual card and an overall summary of the reading and the questions that’s arise from the reading.

If you’d like the reading to focus one one particular area of your life please include that in the notes to seller.

Also please include your Date, time and place of birth. (For the astrology//zodiac connection to the tarot)

The tarot in my opinion is a tool for self reflection, meditation, and self improvement rather than a prediction tool. It’s a tool that asks us questions and helps us shine light on areas of our lives that need our concerted efforts.

With that each card is hand drawn and painted as a result of your reading, exact color and design varies, the cards displayed in the images are examples.