Thriving By 30 podcast

Hello and welcome to Thriving by 30 - a podcast by one quintessential over educated and underemployed queer millennial trying to get their life together. Some real talk from Bryan and their fellow millennials about the everyday grind, from relationships in the digital era, to being your own boss, and just generally figuring out how to adult as a 90s baby.

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So what does Thriving Mean?

Want to be on the pod?

Always on the lookout for folks interested in being interviewed on the podcast! Or even if you dont want to be on air - you can send your comments/thoughts/concerns to

email to :

Here are some of the things on the horizon as potential topics:

  • When the holidays are not full of cheer for you - either because of grief or bc you cant stand your family

  • self - healing of trauma,

  • getting your money together as an anti-capitalist,

  • on being a witch who was raised catholic - or any “Paganistic” practice

  • New Year Resolutions - do you make them/break them? Find them useful or no?

  • The importance of Therapy -

    • how to find a good therapist

  • What it’s actually like in the service industry

  • Betsy’s New Title IX BS

  • Living as a queer and/or trans* and/or POC in the Trump era

  • What the 2016 election taught you about the people around you

  • Learning to invest your money

  • Where do you find inspiration

  • That Side hustle game

  • Living authenticly in the age of social media

  • What does it mean to be a religious or spiritual Millennial?

  • CBD / medical marijuana

  • Living your dream - Tell me your story

  • Survivorship